Are linen clothing only for summer?

As you might already know, our family of four lives in a tiny country called Lithuania. Our OffOn clothing brand is also based here. (Of course!) Lithuania is a country located in Northern Europe, close to the Baltic sea, and many lakes and forests surround it. So should we even say that Lithuania is the country of our hearts? And there are so many reasons why we love this tiny magical place, but among all of them, the most fundamental reason is seasonality. Here, in Northern Europe, we have all four seasons – Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Perhaps, that’s why we believe that we are the experts of seasonal dressing. And when we hear people saying that linen clothing is only for Summer, we rush to deny this little stereotypical assumption.


We believe in long-lasting clothes that are quality, functional, and used many times for various occasions and seasons. That is why we aspire you to use your OffOn linen pieces as many times as possible – be it Winter or Summer, Autumn or Spring. Thus, we decided to give you some valuable tips on wearing linen clothing in colder seasons. We hope that this little guide will provide you with the courage to dress more creatively and experiment with linen clothing even during the colder days!


Women’s linen clothing as a versatile choice

We always say that the best thing about linen is its versatility. In our opinion, linen is that rare fabric that goes so well on any occasion and season. Lets us explain to you what we mean. First of all, linen fits colder and warmer days because it retains the heat and prevents the body from sweating or freezing. Linen is one of the most robust materials – its strong fibers make linen durable and suitable for wearing in colder seasons. Thus, linen is lovely when worn alone, but it looks super sophisticated when mixing with other materials such as wool, denim, cashmere, or wool-cotton blends. The layering of womens linen clothing is rule number 1 when you want to dress up in your favorite linen skirt or dress on a more chilly September day. But let us explain each style tip carefully and thoroughly.


Those are the four simple ways of using linen clothing for women on colder days:


Linen on linen layering

When it comes to wearing linen clothing for women in the Autumn or Winter seasons, style rule number one is linen on linen layering. Wear your summer linen dress together with a linen blazer. If you are into a more avant-garde look, you can match linen skirts with pants or linen pants with linen dresses. For the unique and more occasional look – combine linen suit with light linen coats. Of course, you should keep in mind that linen layering is perfect for Autumn but might be too light for Winter.


Linen with other materials

Isn’t it wonderful that you can wear your lovely summer dresses when the cold Winter days come? You need to add a few quality knits or wool chunks to your wardrobe and finish your outfit with genuine leather boots or knee-length heels. The same rule applies when wearing linen skirts – combine them with merino wool turtle necks, add your favorite vintage denim jacket, put on some wool socks and leather shoes, and voila(!) – you get the entire city look!


The tonal layering of linen

Another exciting and fun way of wearing linen not only in Summer is tonal layering. The essence of this styling method is to wear all linen clothes of the same tone. And the fun fact is that your outfit can consist of even five pieces – when tonal layering, the is no such word as too much. You can style your look with a natural tone linen dress, beige linen pants, beige linen vest, and a jacket; for finishing the style, add the little beige linen scarf for your neck. It might sound much but trust us; you will look super stylish.


Pinafore dress as the essential linen option for Autumn

If we needed to pick one of the essential linen clothing for Winter, it would be the pinafore dress. It is so effortless to wear it with warm, lightweight merino wool knits underneath and oversized wool chunks. And imagine how elegant you would look if you would add some lovely minimalist jewelry and a pair of quality knee-length heels. Dressing like that, you are unstoppable!


A little glimpse into the history of linen clothing for women in Lithuania

Linen clothing in our country has deep roots in history. The linen clothing for women were used already in the 19th century. It was popular to sew white linen blouses and decorate them with geometric woven ornaments. The linen aprons and vests were also common among the women of that era. The interesting fact is that linen was considered a sacred plant, and people believed it had special powers fighting against witches and devils. These days linen has gained back popularity and is highly appreciated by modern city people. The linen clothing for women are no longer countryside garments but, on the contrary, a stylish and sophisticated choice for the most selective tastes. At OffOn, our clients from Europe, the USA, and Australia are all proud appreciators of modern linen clothing. For Summers and Winters.