As much as we love dresses, it would be hard to imagine our every day without trousers. We make all trousers or shorts primarily focusing on comfort as we want our clients to feel the joy of wearing them.  Perhaps that is why our favorite silhouette is wide-leg pants. We believe this style to be the most comfortable for day-to-day routines. Wide-leg trousers are irreplaceable for quiet or more dynamic days outside and inside the city as well as they work perfectly as lounge attire for in and around the home.  And they look super stylish too!

Select linen or cotton trousers depending on the season – choose linen models for warm days and cotton twill for the colder ones. Combine them with chunky wool knitwear, pair them with jackets and blazers, or wear them together with minimalistic t-shirts.

If you are looking for an evening or wedding outfit, we recommend checking our cotton twill culottes! We believe they are that perfect alternative for a dress, especially if you look for something less traditional but still as chic as that!