Linen Clothing

The linen collection is a core of OffOn. It stands for longevity, quality, and functionality. Modern city women of the most selective tastes appreciate our natural linen clothes because of their comfort, contemporary styles, and minimalistic aesthetics.

You can use linen clothes in a variety of everyday scenarios. Linen is as beautiful for lounging at home as it is elegant for special occasions. You can wear a linen dress on the beach feeling light and comfy, or you can wear the same linen dress at a party, just complementing it with a few fashionable statement pieces.

And finally, linen is beautiful for its versatility. In our opinion, linen is that rare fabric that goes so well in any season. Pair linen midi skirts or maxi dresses with cozy knitwear, and you will get the most timeless combinations. Or select a classic white linen shirt and fit it with a wool blazer and pants.

Our linen collection consists of midi and maxi dresses, tops, trousers, culottes, and jumpsuits. Each piece is handmade with the highest precision and warmest love in our studio in Lithuania.