It’s truly a love story between us and dresses! Made from linen or cotton – we believe dresses are the core of our brand. It is who and how we are.

What we most love about dresses is the magical power that dresses can give to a wearer. The feeling of comfort, easiness, and freedom of self-expression in a myriad of ways!

When creating a dress, we think about its look, values, and what it stands for. We make sure that our dresses represent a slow living ethos and are a moderate, conscious, and sustainable luxury statement. Better one quality dress that you will genuinely love and adore for long years than those few bought for a few seasons or even times.

From apron to maxi dresses, from plus size to button-up dresses — the selection is an impeccable process that took us long years to develop and achieve. All handmade with the most excellent attention to detail, each dress is a creation of our own – starting from the design, selection of fabrics, and finishing with its last stitches.