When we were little, we all dreamt about the skirt. The skirt was always a must-have for an excellent feminine wardrobe, the longer or shorter, pleated or straight. For us, the skirt symbolizes a carefree, infantile, and romantic look at life moments. We came up with the idea that women who wear skirts tend to be softer and silkier in their personalities. Could it be the magic of the skirt?

Our line of skirts is not broad. However, we love them all. Maxi or midi, with buttons in the front or pockets on the sides, all reflect the lifestyle of slow living. The ones made from linen are perfect for relaxed Summer holidays and hot days on the beach. The cotton midi skirts fit well for more active days in the city: libraries, grocery shopping, or dinners in cozy restaurants. And finally, the A-line skirts are great for the office. Just make sure to pair them with quality knits or elegant blazers.

No matter the silhouette, we hope you will find the skirt of your dreams!