Cotton Clothing

We love and use cotton for our collections because of its qualities. Firstly, the cotton plant is soft and fluffy; therefore, cotton clothes feel gentle to the skin. Secondly, cotton is very durable and long-lasting. Also, the cotton fiber structure makes cotton clothes breathable and feeling light. Overall, the cotton clothes are comfortable and so effortless to wear!

Our cotton collection for women is very versatile, and it fits all seasons and occasions. The cotton dresses and tops are unique in their clean and modern styles and minimalistic silhouettes complemented with necessary details such as pockets or romantic collars. We offer cotton clothes with romantic patterns for women who like to daydream – flowers and stripes being our bestsellers. All cotton clothes will be irreplaceable comfy uniforms for the dynamic casual day-to-day routines despite the chosen style.

We believe that women who live slow and appreciate consciously made clothes will also cherish our cotton line – it is handmade with precision and love to detail.

Choose from wide range handmade Boho and casual dresses, classic coveralls and work-wear style jackets. Button down skirts and wide leg trousers.