The guide of cotton dresses

When it comes to Summer styles, we can not imagine anything more perfect than dresses! And we are really fond of cotton dresses! Cotton dresses are so effortless to wear – be it biking around the city, strolling in parks, picnicking at seasides, shopping groceries in favorite boutiques and local markets, or simply lounging at the home yard or the softest couch in your living room. The cotton dresses feel natural and lightweight, and the cotton fabric itself is soft to the skin and allows the body to breathe and feel in comfort.

At OffOn, we have a wide variety of cotton dresses, simply because we are so in love with them! From Floral-print dresses to Loose-fit Check dresses, from Maxi Crinkle Cotton dresses to Needlecord Pinafore styles, from Button-up shirts to Puffy-Sleeved dresses. All so feminine, enjoyable, and perfect for the warm seasons! We made this guide on cotton dresses because we think it might be helpful for you, our dearests, especially when looking for a cotton dress for a particular Summer occasion. While we believe that we all can dress in a way we like it and feel best at, still some models are better than others when it comes to certain occasions!


Pinafore style cotton dresses

For Simona (the leading creative soul of our brand), the pinafore style cotton dresses are one of her top choices when she wants to feel active and in comfort. Her favorite Summer to-go style is when the pinafore style cotton dress – especially the Corduroy Pinafore or Velvet Pinafore models, is styled together with a simplistic and minimalistic white cotton t-shirt. For Simona, fashion and style are all about simplicity and unpretentiousness, so such a pinafore dress combination perfectly portrays her philosophy of understanding fashion. Another way to wear a pinafore style cotton dresses, according to OffOn designer Simona, is in combination with a sleeveless t-shirt. Such style will be perfect for the warm days in the city, on the bike or when talking long, long walks in the countryside. P.S. Just do not forget to wear your comfiest sneakers!

Puffy-Sleeved Cotton dresses

Are you an ultimate lover of romantic fashion and feminine styles? Then the puffy-sleeved cotton dresses should definitely be your all times favorite délicatesse. And perhaps you will agree with us – there are endless possibilities to wear puffy-sleeved cotton dresses. They are magical for garden soirées, they are irreplaceable for park picnics, they are lovely for holiday voyages, and beautiful for dynamic city days. And do you know the most exciting thing about the puffy-sleeved cotton dresses? You do not need to wear any accessories with them because the puffy sleeves are decorative enough! But if you want to create a more chic style, then a vowed bag or edgy sandals will do the trick! Also, another nice feature of the puffy-sleeved cotton dresses is that they fit girls with fuller body types. The puffy sleeves and their oversized silhouette will make your body look stretched, steep, and elegant.



Tana Lawn Cotton dresses

Tana Lawn Cotton dresses are something we are very proud of! The Lana cotton is exceptional because it has very similar qualities to silk. It is very durable yet incredibly soft. Our Tana Lawn Cotton dresses are made of floral print cotton, are oversized, and have puffy sleeves – making them fabulous Summer dresses. The silk quality Tana Lawn cotton gives the dresses a chic and sophisticated look; that’s why we always recommend wearing Tana Lawn dresses for special occasions – weddings, birthdays, and other Summer celebrations. Wearing our effortless floral Tana Lawn Cotton dresses, you will feel like you are some sort of fairy or a flower in an endless flowers field. One of our bestsellers is the peonies print puff style sleeve dress, loose and airy, therefore, simply to wear for any Summer occasion.


Maternity Cotton Dresses

When your beautiful belly is round and constantly growing, all you need is an oversized, extremely airy as well as comfortable dress. If you are looking for maternity cotton dresses, our top choices and recommendations for you would be:

  • Sleeveless Cotton Maxi dress JULIE
  • Silky Cotton Puff Sleeved dress SUMMER OF LOVE
  • Empire Waist Cotton dresses (in blue or cream shades)

Of course, we have many more styles to choose from, just that these, in our opinion, are great for warm Summer days.


When we introduced various categories of our cotton dresses, we think it is essential to know a bit about the cotton fabric itself and how to take good care of your cotton dresses.


What are the main characteristics of Cotton fabric?

Softness. The cotton plant is soft and fluffy; therefore, cotton clothes feel gentle to the skin.

Durability. Cotton is a tough and long-lasting fabric.

Breathability. The cotton fiber structure makes cotton clothes breathable and feeling light.

Comfort. All the characteristics mentioned above make cotton clothes comfortable and effortless to wear.


How to take good care of your Cotton dresses?

– Patterned and strong or dark-colored dresses should be washed inside-out and at a lower temperature (we recommend wash 30°C)

– Wash like colors together to prevent your dresses from color bleeding.

– We recommend only line dry and do not tumble.