Valuable tips of how to wear and style jumpsuits for women

We always thought that women who wear jumpsuits are somehow unique and special! You have to have a lot of feminine confidence, something very crazy in you, to change romantic dresses to (not) so romantic jumpsuits. But our believed truth is that well-styled jumpsuits for women are purely the boldest fashion statement that can add so much to an outfit’s overall feeling and highlight femininity in a completely another manner!

Jumpsuits for women as well as linen dresses embody that perfect combination of comfort and effortless modernity. And what is the most exciting about jumpsuits for women is that it makes almost the whole outfit – you need to add a few extras, for example, a minimalistic oversized tee underneath or some funky accessories. And you are ready to go!


First of all, the history of a Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits first appeared in 1919 as a functional garment for parachuters to jump from planes. Later on, the jumpsuit was one of a few workwear garments adopted to a casual women’s wardrobe. Do you remember the iconic “Rosie the Riveter Poster We Can Do It!”? It is no doubt one of the most memorable appearances of a feminine jumpsuit in the media. Throughout the decades, the jumpsuit was a must-have piece for every fashion lover. Princess Diana perhaps is our most beloved jumpsuit owner! In our opinion, her personality, confidence, and tomboyish attitude are the perfect embodiment of the jumpsuit itself.

There is no doubt that the jumpsuits for women are versatile and easy-to-wear modern wardrobe staples.

So how to wear jumpsuits to look modern and stylish?


Custom made for every body

Our jumpsuits are handmade and sewed in the highest quality. To make a jumpsuit that would fit our clientele perfectly, we make our jumpsuits customized. We do not want to risk your awaited jumpsuit being too short or too long! Also, jumpsuits are amazingly versatile because they fit every body. And by every body, we mean all body types!

If you have a fuller body, linen or cotton jumpsuit for warm Summer days could be an even better option than a dress because of the moist thighs situation – the jumpsuit’s pant part will not allow your legs to get that sweaty and to touch each other.

Good news – to get a customization option for the jumpsuit, you do not need to pay anything. It is free, and we apply this service to absolutely each jumpsuit you order. All you have to do is measure your exact height and add it when ordering at our online store. Just like that!


Casual Jumpsuits for day-to-day routines

For us, jumpsuits have a liberating meaning because they are one of those wardrobe elements completely unisex. Also, the jumpsuits are ultra effortless for your day-to-day routines when you have to be dynamic, active, and comfortable. Be it a family weekend in the countryside, Wednesday in the city with a long “to-do list,” or a chill evening in a local restaurant sipping biodynamic wines and discussing the current economic situation. At OffOn, our linen and cotton jumpsuits for women are perfect for everyday wear or special occasions! For Summer days, our recommendation would go to Wide Leg Sleeveless Linen Jumpsuits; if the event is somehow unique, the Linen Tie-Strap Jumpsuit or Sleeveless Cotton Overall would be an elegant choice. The V-Neck Linen Jumpsuit or Mandarin Collar Denim Jumpsuit both have the potential to become the ultimate everyday outfit.


Smart Casual Jumpsuits

Not every woman feels entirely in a smart casual dress code—especially those with more carefree and slow lifestyles. However, an elegant linen or cotton jumpsuit might be YOUR solution. If you are looking for something formal, something that suits the office environment but at the same time is effortless and relaxed – trust us, jumpsuits are an excellent alternative for smart casual suits!

Do your workdays are usually filled with a lot of meetings and business lunches in the city? Go for Short Sleeved Linen Jumpsuit – it has that classic look that works perfectly for such a professional environment. The strict shoulder line will make you look confident, and the natural linen fabric will allow you to feel free and without any restrictions on the body.


Bridal jumpsuits

If you find yourself more of a tomboy, perhaps your bridal outfit option should also be something else. Bridal jumpsuits look as elegant and sophisticated as any bridal dress; the importance is in its design. For bridal jumpsuits selection, we recommend choosing pastel colors such as white or ivory, dust rose, melange mint, or sky blue. In the sense of the fabric, we would go for linen – it gives softness and lightness to the jumpsuit. If you seek a dreamy look – add wildflowers to your hair, go barefoot instead of heels. Another favorite for the bridal look is a Linen Adjustable Tie-Strap Playsuit – it is a swimsuit with shorts, delivering such a novel feeling.



No matter the season, there is always a fitting jumpsuit for it! For Spring and Summer days, select the lightweight models of linen and cotton, and for Fall and Winter styles, choose the NeedleCord Long Sleeves Jumpsuits. The needlecord cotton fabric is thick and warm; therefore, it is excellent for those gloomy Autumn days spent in libraries and cafes eating le croissant and warming up with a cup of Ginger tea.