It's what we wear

All clothes that we produce are inspired by our family’s personal experience and our every day stories.

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The lifestyle of slow living

We are a family of four, also we are the founders of OffOn clothing brand. OffOn was created in 2012, since then we produce hand-made or as we like to say - heart-made clothes for women and little girls. Our company is unique of its customized approach - we do not produce seasonal collections but rather we specialise on individual orders. Every piece for each client is created with dedication and sensitivity, from the very start to the very beginning.


Creative soul behind the brand co-founder and designer

„I see beauty in simple and unpretentious things“


Strategic and visionary thinker - co-founder

„My happiest moments are with my family“


Inspiration of the brand

„I believe in superheroes“


Inspiration of the brand

„I like to watch and ape“

Not necessarily a standard body type.

At the company our main aim is to build a relationship with clients who have special needs and not necessarily a standard body type. For that reason, we adapt each piece to the particular needs and measurements of our consumers. We work every day to make our clients happy and to let them feel comfortable in their own skin.

Created to last.

We refuse to make seasonal collections and create clothes that are customized by individual needs. Each cloth is hand-made, we don’t think particularly only about sales, our waste of textile is 0%. Also, we use carefully selected and high quality materials, which make our clothes last long. We are proud of our sustainable choices - this is how we show our respect to the planet.

We follow ethical fashion practice.

OffOn brand as well as our
factory is based in Lithuania.

A team of professional and
experienced local tailors.
The garments that they
produce are made by using
old traditional skills.

Our factory’s working
method is based purely
on conversation and
group work.

We try to offer our tailors
as best working conditions
as possible.